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No. Position Name Company Homepage
1 Chairman Lee, Kyungkook Shinhan Systek Co., Ltd.
2 Vice-Chairman Kim, Myungjeong KMDIA
3 Vice-Chairman Shin, Byungsoon KM Healthcare Corp.
4 Vice-Chairman Yoo, Cheolwook Juthis Corporaton Co., Ltd.
5 Director Kang, Sunyoung shenb Co., Ltd.
6 Director Khang, Sungwook GE Healthcare Korea, Inc
7 Director Gwak, Woosup Smiths Medical International Limited
8 Director Kim, Kuensik DongBang Medical Co., Ltd.
9 Director Kim, Donghee Philips Korea
10 Director Kim, Byungjang Mega Medical Co., Ltd.
11 Director Kim, Youngmin JI IN COMMERCE & TRADING Co., Ltd.
12 Director Kim, Junghoi Mcube Technology Co., Ltd.
13 Director Kim, Joon Koo Meerecompany, Inc.
14 Director Kim, Jihyun Allergan Korea Ltd
15 Director Kim, Hahn Kwangwoo MeDix Inc.
16 Director Nam, Hakhyun i-SENS, Inc
17 Director Baek, Seunghan Beckman Coulter Korea., Ltd
18 Director Seo, Hyunbae Hyun Medics
19 Director Song, Junho INSUNGMEDICAL
20 Director Um, Taegwan Osstem Implant Co., Ltd.
21 Director Yoo, Byungjae Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea Co., Ltd.
22 Director Yun, Jeongsub DAEYANG MEDICAL CO.,LTD.
23 Director Lee, Myungkyun Siemens Healthineers Ltd.
24 Director Lee, Sangsoo Medtronic Korea Ltd.
25 Director Lee, Joonhyuk DK Medical Systems Co., Ltd
26 Director Kim, Yong Kwan Samsung Medison
27 Director TSE PUI HONG Roche Diagnostics Korea CO., Ltd
28 Director Chu, Hong LASEROPTEK Co.,Ltd
29 Director Chae, Cahnghyung Bbraun Korea
30 Director Choi Jungtaek PAVMED CO., LTD.
31 Director Heo, Minhang Boston Scientific Co.,Ltd.
32 Director Hwang, Haelyung LUTRONIC CORPORATION
33 Director Hahm Eun Kyung JW MEDICAL http://
34 Auditor Lee, Jinhyu Dongbang Healthdyne Co.,Ltd.